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I’m a unit admin for my Troop and have my personal email connected to my account. We have a Troop Scribe that sends out weekly email updates to the entire Troop. In order to do this, toward the end of each meeting, I log into my sb account for him in order to send it out. All recipients then receive an email from “me”. What I’d like to do instead is have a unit admin sb account to log the Scribe in to and send out emails that aren’t attached to my personal email account (i.e. a general unit gmail account). However, with the SSO change this year, that doesn’t appear to be an option for me. Am I missing something? Can someone explain to me how to accomplish this? Thanks.

if the parents of the scout give him his own SB account (Under Edit Profile at bottom of page) the scout can send the message from his own account

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We’d like to keep a general unit admin account so that we have a recurring option for new scribes as positions change.

Additionally, that’d present problems of YPT because families tend to “reply” to whomever sent an email with any follow up questions. They’d be replying to a youth’s email address and not including another registered adult.

Second this. Our Venturing Crew had a President (similar to SPL) and Secretary (similar to Scribe) who wanted to create events and send invites to the entire Crew. Because they’re “youth,” they couldn’t do this, even though they’re both over 18. (Venturers can go to age 20) Despite the concept of youth-led or in this case, young-adult led, neither of these adult Venturing participants could do these things.

I would vote against a general login. This makes accountability for issues difficult (who sent the note? We don’t know since 5 people have access to the account). The same can be accomplished via permissions (that can be changed as roles change).

@AndrewCorzine, since parents are automatically copied on any email sent to a youth account, YP should be covered. If you ha stage generic Scribe account, this would not be the case.

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Ok, noted. However, this is still the approach we need to take given some of the specific characteristics of our troop.

Is there a way to have a generic unit admin login not tied to a BSA ID?

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We created a generic “Troop Webmaster” adult with “view profile” permission for all Scouts. The SPL, ASPL, and Webmaster have access to this account, and we update the password every six months when we have troop elections.

It does have a BSA number, but I don’t think that’s a show stopper. The account doesn’t show up in, so the training metrics are correct for the actual number of adult leaders.

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