Venturing - adding email to member over 18

I have a new crew member that has been added to Scoutbook for our Venturing Crew. They are 19 but I cannot send them email through Scoutbook. They do not show up as a reciptient. There are no parents associated with him either for them to log in and go setup. So how do we get this setup for them?

Thank you

If you post their BSA ID (no names please!), the SUAC folks might be able to investigate.

As a first pass, has the venturer connected to their Scoutbook account?

Also, does the BSA ID on the Scoutbook account you can see match the one on their my.scouting account (i.e. what they can see) and the one on the official crew roster at my.scouting?

If over 18 they probably have a username and password due to YPT - they can use that to log into SB


140365414 this is what is in roster report and in Scoutbook it is the same.

He is also listed as an adult leader in another council. We had issues with him signing up. it kept trying to add him as an adult leader vs participant.

I see in scoutbook he has the chain and the automatic updates logo next to his name

I will also ask him to see if he has a login.

Thank you

In principle, if the BSA IDs match between Scoutbook and my.scouting, then I would expect that the same login should work for both.

Youth have to log into scoutbook at least once in order to receive emails. As a venturing participant, he is treated like a youth for this purpose. Since he’s registered in two councils it’s a little complicated. He is essentially treated like two different people in scoutbook. He will need to log into and go to manage member ID. Then, he should add this new member number and set it as primary. Then, log into scoutbook using his user name. After that, the number that’s set as primary will be the one he can log into. So, he should probably set the one he expects to need to log into most as primary, but he can change them any time. Does that make sense?

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I’ll have him give it a try


He only sees Pine Tree Council where he is an Asst Scoutmaster and Camp Staff in Sounds like a merge needs to happen with his Vermont Green Mountain Council BSA ID and his Pine Tree Council BSA ID. Thoughts?

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