Geology MB req 5 parent req disconnect from sub-req

I have a scout (MID 133341383) who just came back from camp and the advancement report from camp shows he completed the Geology MB. Requirements were uploaded to SB via csv file however SB is not checking off requirement 5 and 5c even though all the sub-requirements are completed.

@JamesMayled are you talking about (c)(3)? only one is needed. other than that cannot really comment without seeing the import file

oh you mean (c) did not mark off. Let me look

Are (c)(4) and (c)(5) also marked off?

yeah even looking at the database - think we would need a whole screenshot to understand what you are seeing

Ok I see they were not marked off. The advancement report threw me off because it shows as completed. Should this be brought to the attention of the camp staff?

@JamesMayled - I suspect that the don’t use the word completed in the same way you were taking it


I would ask the camp staff. They should have the raw data that was used to complete the CSV. At the camp my Troop goes to, this is a paper spreadsheet filled out by camp staff and given to an admin to enter. It could see it being 1 of 2 things.

  1. They missed c4 and c5
  2. Completed means the date they completed the reqs filled in, not the MB.
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Thanks all, we will follow up with camp staff. There are more issues with the report than the one I brought up here.

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