Missing Partial Advancement records

It may be too long ago to track this down. The electronic records were there and are now missing. We are searching to find the paper records to reenter the data. I have not touched the accounts yet. Hoping some data archive might allow for tracking this down to find out what happened.

The scouts transferred from T12 to T188 in Nov 2022. The data was there when they left T12. It is not there now. The audit log tracks who approved what when. It has nothing for someone deleting something. So I can’t tell if this is on us or the database. The other person who does Scoutbook has said she didn’t delete it.

. . . Scout MID 12879580
. . . . . . Emergency Preparedness MB complete except for First Aid MB
. . . . . . First Aid MB had multiple requirements done
. . . . . . Home Repairs had multiple requirements done, some added since the above date
. . . Scout MID 13311620
. . . . . . Emergency Preparedness MB complete except for First Aid MB
. . . . . . First Aid MB had multiple requirements done
. . . All above MB show as not started. Unknown if any of the missing partials were approved. However, our SM recalls something about a screen being installed for Home Repairs.

Thanks for looking at this.

@DougWright here is what I see and Guess - the second scout there is alot for First Aid done. On all the others - it seems the past unit or your unit (as you refer to your SM and Home Repair) are not recording MB Reqs individually at all. SB does not just lose data. It could be that they got switched to a different version of the MB not sure what I would see if that was the case - but maybe worth checking on EPrep

Thanks for the reply @DonovanMcNeil.

You are correct, the second scout does have entries for First Aid; I missed that. However, none of the entries are from the time previous to joining the second troop.

This came to my attention because the person who did the entries in the first troop asked me what happened to them, they’re missing.

Changing versions does not cancel the starting of a MB. It just changes the requirements shown, and copies finished, equal requirements to the new display. So, the % complete might go to zero, but the MB would still show as started.

Both scouts membership show the first troop and second troop, so no issue with a second account.

My best guess is someone deleted the entries, but I have no way to verify that happened because there is no audit trail for deletions.

We will attempt to reconstruct the missing entries.

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