Do Cub Scout nights of camping count toward total - not for OA or MB?

I’m wondering if Cub Scout nights of camping count toward total when awarding the Nights of Camping patches? I’m not asking for merit badges or OA eligibility - just for awarding the patch. Thank you.

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Which patch? The National Outdoor Award for Camping? All, BSA camping counts for that award, no matter which program.


What patch? that is not national maybe something local. For the NOAA Camping awards, cub camping can count. But have never heard of a Nights Camping


I found this:

Not sure if this is it either

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The BSA used to have a National Camping Award, but it has been replaced with the BSA National Outdoor Awards program.

Class B has nights of camping patches (found by Stephen Hornak above) that you can order, but they are not BSA awards.

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Thanks - I finally called our Council’s store and found out the patches are specific to our Council. They are just for 25, 50, 75, 100 nights of camping. They said we aren’t supposed to count Cub Scout campouts - only nights from BSA events. Thank you all for your help.

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