Ghost entries on Needs Approval Report

I am having an issue where the Needs Approval Report for my pack is not showing all the outstanding requirements and adventures needing approval, however, there is a count showing for the number of unapproved items. Also, if I go over to IA 2.0 and look, the adventures that need approval show up over there. So far I can find no pattern to the ones that don’t show up in the Scoutbook Needs Approval Report. In the example below, the Scouts all happen to be in a Bear den, however, prior to the screenshots, I approved the same items for two other Scouts in the same den since they showed up on the report. If I look at an individual Scout’s advancement that should be showing on the report, but isn’t, I can see the green check and add my approval to the individual item there.

What is going on that I can’t see everything outstanding on the Needs Approval Report?

This is a known issue. See Den Needs Approval Report doesn't show list of items

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