Needs Approval Report not Showing Items to Approve

When I go to the Needs Approval Report in Scoutbook, I see that I have one item that needs approval and an Approve All button. Normally, I can see a listing of what needs approval. I searched in the forum and found that there was a thread about this a year ago that closed. Any more recent information on why this is happening?

This is a known issue. There is currently a fix being tested.

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Thank you for that information.

Hi, I’m having the same issue. Scoutbook won’t let me “approve all” in the approval report. I have to click on each individual scout to approve. But the problem is not every scout is showing up on my approval report so I am unable to approve all scouts for their awards. Any update on the fix for this? Thanks.

A fix went in last night. Items that still won’t appear are for scouts who are not registered in your unit. There is still a bug in which scouts registered in a different unit still don’t appear but should.

ETA Correcting that the fix has not actually gone in yet. It should be later this week.

All of the scouts who have items needing approval who are not showing up in my approval report are registered in my unit. Some have been registered for years. They aren’t new scouts or new to my unit.

Please provide some of the bsa member numbers of those scouts whose items are not appearing in needs approval?

These are a few. There are more. Thanks.

Thanks. That should be plenty for the developers to look into it.

Oh, I got ahead of myself. The fix is still coming later this week.

Great! Thank you for looking into this.

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