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Cub Scout Den Leader - Needs Approval Report - Not Pulling Everything That Needs Approval

I am a Cub Scout Den Leader (AOLs). I have at least 14 Scouts that I entered advancements and/or requirements for over the weekend. However, when I try to run my report, only one of my Scouts appears in the report. I can open individual Scout information and what I expect to see is correct – i.e. the Scout completed Aware & Care req. 1, 2, & 3 and it was entered by me. But I need my Assistant Den Leader to be able to see that the Scouts need secondary approval.

Note, in the past, when I ran this report, I could see all of my Scouts in the list. I started noticing this issue early last week but it wasn’t as large scale as it is now since we had a very busy weekend.

Please advise.

Can you describe which report you are looking at that you feel is incorrect?

Login to Scoutbook > My Dashboard > Reports > Needs Approval Report.

The report only shows one Scout that has advancements that need approval but I know of at least 14 Scouts that need approval of multiple requirements each.

When you look at your roster, do they all have green shields by their names, and and A with and arrow around it? And with a yellow triangle?

Why do you need this?

One leader enters req. The other approves. It is what we have been doing for the past year and a half.

Green shield is there

I’m kinda confused. You indicated you can’t see the other items marked Completed in the Needs Approval report, but that you need your ADL to be able to see them.

Can your ADL also not see the other items, or is it just your account that’s having issues viewing them?

For the Needs Approval report, does it look correct if you reach it via My Dashboard → Administration → My Units → Reports → Needs Approval?

Me (DL), Asst Den Leader, even the Advancements Chair. I’m working on trying to figure out if others are experiencing the same thing.

However, I clicked the Approve All button and now everything appears in the Needs Awarding report.

This is a new issue . . . we have never had this issue, until a little over a week ago.

I’m seeing everything that I’ve cross-checked so far in my unit, which is why I was wondering about who all was having the issue.

Did you see anything different going vis the other path, or had you already hit Approve All before you got a chance to check?

I checked all of the Scouts that were not showing up in that initial needs approval report. The requirements were entered. Just not showing up in the report. It was so strange that only one Scout showed up on the report.

After I clicked the Approve All, I noticed that the missing Scout requirements now show as Approved and now appears in the Needs Purchasing report.

After you clicked approve all and then went back into needs approval, does it now have a “total” of zero items needing approval?

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