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Glitch in service hours

I’ve been entering service hours into Internet Advancement. I choose the start and end times, and when I hit ‘save’, the system will change those hours. I have to go back and edit them once or twice to get the correct times to stick. I’ve heard tech members watch this stuff, so please fix!


Are the times changing so that the number of service hours changes or changing by the same amount so that the number of service hours is still correct? We know of some issue with the change from Daylight Saving to Standard time but the number of service hours remains correct.

It’s the Start Time and End times that are changing (3rd & 4th fields), not the number of service hours. Those two categories seem to be independent of each other.

I just entered some more services hours, and this time I just left the “All Day” box checked. When I finished and saved, the system changed the Start Time to 10:00pm, and the End Time to 9:59pm. Since the end time is before the start time, it changed the Date to the day before the one I entered. Crazy!

Are you in the eastern time zone?

No, pacific…

By the way, I couldn’t even submit the above response, because it was less than 20 characters… :slight_smile:


I just stopped by the forums and found this post because the events that I’ve been entering seem to move forward an hour. You mention that it’s a known issue. Is that correct?