Incorrect servace hours entered

We incorrectly entered service hours for cub scouts in 2019. It recorded 60 hours for each scout instead of one hour for 60 individuals. As they have moved into the troop is still showing extra hours but I do not have ability to delete it. I was the cub master when this was entered I am currently the scout master so should have access is there a way to delete this entry.

Also is there a way to edit past service hours. I am SM and pack CC so have all the access but cant edit back to 2019. This effect all scouts who were in the pack at that time

When the old logs got moved to the new system they were locked. Just run report with first date being the day joined troop

Unfortunately it affects 40 to 50 scouts I understand I can run a report separately however it would be nice to be able to remedy it

How do I get in touch with somebody from national who can actually correct this I understand I can filter reports but I would prefer to have The incorrect service hours entered correctly or removed. Somebody has to have this ability

There is no one from National that provides end user support. You could ask your Council to open a ticket with National Member Care to remove or correct the records. You will need to provide the BSA Member ID for each individual with a record you need corrected and the date and type of the event plus the change that needs to be made.


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