Service hours not reflecting # of volunteers correctly

I’m inputting Service Hours for an event in Internet Advancement - Activities and the hours are not computing correctly. I put in 23 volunteer members and marked each with 1 hour of service, so it should show 23 hours of service total. It’s showing 2. Clicked out of it and reopened and it showed 21. Clicked out of it and reopened and it’s now showing only 2 again. Nothing I do in the program will change that.

Which unit? What is the date of your service project?

Where does it look like it is not being recorded correctly? Inside Activities? A specific report (which report)?

Pack 107, Pioneer Express District
December 10, 2022 is the Caroling Service Project
When I open to edit, the very top line has a Service Hours Summary and it only records 2 total service hours for 23 total members and non – members.
Each scout was recorded in my listing as having completed 1 hour and I also noted 3 other adults completing 1 hour each.

What do you see when you run the Activity Log Report?

In Internet Advancement, click on:

Reports → Reports → Activity Log Report → View

For the dates, choose start 12/9/2022 and end: 12/11/2022.
Select “Service Log” and “Include Adults”

I ran the report and it shows all the kids and adults with 1 hour of service each, but it also picked up my name from another unit. Why would it do that if I was only pulling from the pack. I went back into the original pack report and my name is not checked off. so when I pulled up the pack report, why would my name suddenly appear?
it was an event that all 3 of our units participated in, so I also input stats for the other 2 units. Their summary of hours are correct, it’s only the pack that is reflecting an incorrect “summary” and the other adults that are also multi enrolled were not pulled up in the pack report like my name was. so weird.