Granting den admin rights help

I am trying to figure out where to look what person in our unit granted den admin rights to a leader who was not supposed to have them. This leader’s den admin rights were taken away for a reason a few months ago. I am one of the K3 in the unit, the other k3s have not given this person den admin rights. We just noticed someone did and only thing we have found under notes is “Added by SB-3158”. What this code means? We also looked audit reports and nothing there. Thank you!

@scouter_marisol - is this person perhaps a den leader? All den leaders were granted den admin to resolve connections to new scouts. So you are a key 3… what is your registered position

Yes, this person is a den leader in paper, not on real life. Another long story. Reason why we took his den admin rights away back in December. So this happened after a maintenance? I am CM.

If this person is a den leader on paper, but not in real life, then I would ask your Chartered Org. Rep. to change his position to something else (using the Position Manager at my.scouting). Unit Scouter Reserve, perhaps.

Thank you Jennifer. This is very helpful and answers my question.

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@scouter_marisol - you are welcome

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