Den Leaders Removed

We suddenly have Den Leaders from every den that are no longer listed as leaders. I last logged in last night to send a Den email and I was still listed as Den Leader at that time. We have at least 5 that have been dropped and we have no idea why.

This has been reported to the developers.

Thank you! Our troop also lost their leaders. Our admins and charter organization rep also lost admin status. Actually all of our key 3 lost admin access.


Check your roster at and make sure these den leaders are still registered. If they are, post their BSA Member IDs so we can request a position sync. If they are not, you need to contact your Council registrar.

@AllonaMetcalf - did your unit just recharter

No, we rechartered the end of July.

Everyone is still registered. Our new treasurer was the only person left with admin privileges in scoutbook. He was able to give our cubmaster admin status again. The cubmaster then went in and fixed everyone’s roles.


Post the BSA Member IDs (no names) of the leaders that are missing from your SB roster and we will investigate.

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