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Hello, I have a den leader who noticed that their ability to record advancement for scouts in one of their dens has been removed. One of their dens is fine, but she no longer has full control of the Wolf den. As advancement chair I am unable to edit her connections or add a leadership position for her, whereas I can for other leaders. Any idea what could be the issue? She is on our roster and as I said, is correct for her other den. I seem unable to edit her at all.

Sounds like the BSA # in Scoutbook is not registered? What is her BSA #?

Her BSA Id is 13336892

That user is not a registered leader and I see no duplicate name. They need to fill out an adult application they have current ypt.

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Thank you. We are discovering that she has a different number listed on our roster, 13465352 which must be where the issue is coming from.

OK that one has a Den Leader position in Rainbow council

@ElizabethHough the SB user is fixed now

Thank you so much .I have one more leader with the same issue.

Their user ID is Scoutbook is 137102827

but they are a registered leader under 137173889

@ElizabethHough I found 3 BSA member numbers for this leader.

Wow! 137173889 is the one on our charter, so that should be the one she needs.

I believe @DonovanMcNeil has fixed this one.

@JenniferOlinger I stopped when I saw your post - I did not put the 3rd MID into management

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Yes, all set on both leaders. Thanks so much for the help!

I added the third BSA number. :+1:

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