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I am a den leader, just logged in today to see a new den chief added to my den that needs approval. I have no idea who this person is. I am trying to determine who added this scout to my den as a den chief. I couldn’t find this information in the audit log report. Thanks

@AnkurGarg - i wold reach out to unit key 3 or the troop key 3 on this den chief assignment

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Thanks @Stephen_Hornak do you know if it would have to be someone from the pack that added the scout? Or is it possible someone from the troop did it somehow? So far no one from the committee has taken ownership :slight_smile:

@AnkurGarg - generally that is a troop position

Someone from the troop might have added it.

looking at what I have I see no Den Chief - I can setup a screenshare to take a look

I don’t know if it will help but here is the page that shows the den chief: Scoutbook

@AnkurGarg - a screenshot would be better

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@AnkurGarg - if i had to venture a guess… is there a troop that is under the same charter org… if so, then someone in the troop has assigned that scout or the scout themselves may have added the leadership position

If I had to guess Chair of Troop 449 added it - if you have contact with that unit - you can (I think) click gear and unapprove (do not recall how to do that)

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Yes, a troop can add a Den Chief to a pack, but the Den/Pack has to accept the pending Den Chief. One would think they would let the Den/Pack know in advance so they aren’t shocked.

Thanks all, luckily Scoutbook shows me the parent’s email address, so I’ll try to contact them. This troop is local to us (we have many troops and packs nearby) and we can likely connect with higher ups at the troop as needed. I have to think it was an accident.

Interestingly in IA this process is reversing - a Pack can pull in a DC for the Troop to accept.

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