Have Den Admin assigned but can't update cub advancements

I have pack admin, den admin, and den leader privileges but no longer able to update any of my cub scout’s advancements.

Your Committee Chair position is ended in Scoutbook. I have requested a position sync from Akela to restore it. Please check tomorrow morning and let us know if this fixed the problem.

@JenniferEisenberger The wrong BSA member number was set as “primary” for you. This should be fixed now. Please check tomorrow after the sync, as Ed suggested.


Thanks for your help. Unfortunately, the problem is not yet fixed. I can get to the Scout and the Adventure for Advancement but there is still not an option to select the scout:

Here is a snip showing the item I am trying to mark off for the scout:

Here is the screen when I select 3a"

The Date Completed isn’t open for me to enter the date (which I would usually add on the prior page anyway).



@JenniferEisenberger Please try again and let us know if you are still having issues.

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