Unable to update Scoutbook as the Advancement Chair for our Troop

I had Richard Hall look into this as he is from my Troop.
A couple issues he noticed: I do not have an ‘Add a Position’ button on my ‘Position Page’. Also, in the connections page, all of the options are greyed out even thou it shows I have full control but I do not.

If I try to update a Scout’s advancement, there is no option to enter a Completion Date.
Christine Gerarde

Usually, the missing Add Position button indicates that the adult in question isn’t registered as a scouter. I’d start there with the official troop roster at my.scouting to make sure:

  1. that you’re on the roster as a registered scouter, and
  2. that your BSA ID on the roster matches what’s on your Scoutbook account.

If both of these are true, please post your BSA ID, and the SUAC folks can try to diagnose the issue.


You have 2 BSA Member IDs and the wrong one was on your Scoutbook account. This is now fixed. Log off then log back on. Use your my.scouting.org ID which is your first initial, last name and 2 digit birth month.

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I tried and I still can’t update advancement. Completion date does not show up to be filled in.

Are you listed as a troop admin?

Here is a picture of my roles-


I see you logged in to Scoutbook this morning. Are you having trouble with all Scouts or just a few? Please post the BSA Member ID of a Scout you are having trouble with (no names) and we can investigate further.


I discovered you only have a full control connection to 3 Scouts despite being a unit admin with over 30 in the unit. I have asked the developers to investigate. Please DO NOT make any changes to your account until they have had time to look into this.

It’s all scouts except my two sons. Do you still want me to send an ID?

Ok. I will not make any changes until I hear back. Thanks.


The developers have looked into the problem. To fix your connections, go to your unit roster, click on your name then your unit admin role. Check the I Approve box if it is there and click Update without making any other changes. This should reset your admin connections to Scouts.

This is the only path that will fix this. Going through My Positions will not work.

If this does not fix your connections, ask another unit admin to do the same thing.

I had another Admin update as Scoutbook would not allow me to update and it is fixed now. Thank you so much!!

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