Have two accounts for my Weblos son - can you help us merge?

Donovan -

I see that you are really great at helping merge Cub Scout accounts. I want to get my son Bennett Huey’s rankings over onto the new account I (accidently) created for him while paying for the year. I hope to move all his rankings up onto this new account or move my payment on the new account over onto his old account. Could you possibly help?

  • Old scout ID (has his progress last few years in there): 10265789, BSA 13380408
  • New scout Member (it is “empty” but is the acct I paid against last week for the upcoming year of Weblos): 11945763, BSA 13911416
  • Amy ID (this has existed for awhile for my three children): 430809, BSA 131609776

Also - I am not getting emails to my Yahoo acct for our specific den or overall troop at all if you see anyway to fix this as well as I cannot figure out why?


Scouts account is fixed @AmyHuey not sure by what you mean Amy ID? yes that is your information. On email you can go to your account and click Email and make sure at the top you are not opted out of emails

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