Scout with multiple accts, can someone please merge them?

He has been with our Pack for 5 years and keeps getting removed from Scoutbook for some reason. It is super frustrating to try and track advancements


@KimberlyNugen This is fixed - you cannot just go in and make a scout; that does not work - if a Scout is gone either Council needs to fix it with VST or the Forums can help

thanks! You have no idea how many months I have been trying to get Council to fix this. I appreciate how quickly this was resolved.

Also looking to merge two accounts for a Scout in our Pack.
IDs: 12856226 and 10401504.
Greatly appreciate help with this.

@BrendanEvans This is done. The dates of birth were different for the Scout.

Hi I have this same issue with my scoutbook account. I appear to have two accounts.
My main account is below. I don’t know what the IDS are for the other, but they are both connected to my same email address. Can someone please merge them?
SB User ID:

BSA Member ID:

I can’t link to my daughter’s account for troop 163. I think she is connected to the other account.

Thank you,


Have another couple Scouts with 2 accounts: 12900725 and 12385607. Also have 12658730 and 12900731. Sincerely appreciate the help cleaning up these duplicate accounts.

@MichaelReavis Your issues should be fixed. However, you might need to wait overnight for everything to sync up.

@BrendanEvans These should both be fixed.

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