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Cub Scout Parent with Possible Multiple Accounts

I have run into this issue before and use to be able to get it resolved within 5 minutes of contacting Scoutbook Support. Those were the days! I have a parent that transferred in from another Council. Our Council gave them and their son new ID#s and the son got connected to my Unit. The father told me he could no longer access his son with his Scoutbook credentials, even after I had him confirm he was logging into the account with the new ID#. Since he was a Registered Leader I was able to find him and add him to our Unit in Scoutbook and give him the connection to his son. Now I find out that the account he has been using has the changeyouremail@scoutbook.com and he hasn’t been getting our emails this entire time. He tried to change it but the system told him his email was already in use. Is there an easy way to merge his accounts like the good ol days? I know that now I am supposed to contact my Council office and they should be able to handle it. The problem is, when I contact the person “in charge” of this issue, it is like I am speaking to her in a different language. I know this is a five minute fix because I have seen it before. Any secrets to avoid a headache?


I have sent you a private message so we can investigate. Click your avatar in the upper right corner of the forum window.

The best way to avoid such a situation in the future is to transfer the Scout in Scoutbook before the transfer paperwork is processed by the Council. Make sure the first, middle and last names and date of birth on the application match what is in Scoutbook. When the Scout is added to your Roster, Member Update will match the Scout with the existing record and just change the BSA Member ID.

Adding to what @edavignon has said, you can do the same thing with the adult account.

The adult account will come with the scout account as an attached parent. Then add the adult as a leader to your Scoutbook roster. Make sure their updated address and name match the adult application (either paper or electronic) that will be processed by your council. Member update will match the adult with the existing record and just change the BSA Member ID.

In either case, scout or adult, if the match doesn’t work, you will get two accounts in the pack. Makes it easy to see. Contact SUAC to resolve this - post in these forums and they will respond.

One other step - have the adult associate the old and the new member ID numbers in My.Scouting. They would log into My.Scouting > Menu > Manage Member ID and add the missing number. Mark the new number as primary and any training done under the old number will migrate to the new number overnight.

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