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Having trouble recording service hours in IA as Scoutmaster

Hi. On Internet Advancement, I’ve tried numerous times to record a conservation service project that took place on 9/12/2020. I’ve filled in all the mandatory fields, added all the participants, and the 3 hours of credit. Once I clicked OK, I saw a pop-up stating it was successfully added but it’s nowhere to be found in the calendar. I can’t even click on September. It’s greyed out. As for permissions, I am the Scoutmaster, so I’m not sure what’s wrong. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

@BaigaoShum - i gather you are following this ?


Click on Activities, then look for “Filter By”.

Which filters do you have turned on?

Are you using your Scoutmaster role? Or your Parent / Guardian role? Click on the fleur-de-lis symbol in the upper right to see which one you are using.

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Having the same issue. Can create an activity but does not save to the month in the on screen calendar.

Hi. I’m in the Scoutmaster role. Got it figured out now… I had to create the new entry from the Roster screen instead of the calendar screen. Thank you!

Hi. Got it figured out now… I had to create the new activity from the Roster screen (click on the icon with horizontal bars on the left) instead of the calendar screen. Select the scouts that participated, then click on “Record Progress” drop down menu to start creating the new activity. Once you submit it, it should appear at the calendar view. Good luck!!

Thank you very much!!! Got it figured out now… I had to create the new activity from the troop roster screen instead of the calendar screen. :frowning:

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