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Error Trying to Enter Service Hours

I am my council’s Scoutbook administrator and I have received the following question, for which I cannot find an answer
I am attempting to record our troop’s service in Scoutbook. (I preferred the other system, but I’m trying.) Was successful once. Now I am getting an error message that says “Missing Authorization Header.” Do you know what that is referring to? I don’t see anything missing.

@JuddStiff It might be a timeout or a permissions issue. I will send you a private message for the user’s name and BSA member number.

Hi, @DonnaWilliams,

There are instructions here:

I searched using “logs” at help.scoutbook.com, and these were a couple of the first few entries that came up.

You also might want to pull down your email address. The forums are publicly-readable, so anybody on the 'net can see your address, not just us scouts and scouters.

Wow, three sets of instructions. It is just amazing how much work goes into workarounds, rather than work at making an interface that is useful. I now have 3 pages of IA activities that our troop is unable to mark any other way than “pending”, nor is there any discernable way to “Edit” several activities which have missing data, or missing categories (like adding Conservation Service hours, in addition to Service Hours). Please add a way to add this interface back to scoutbook, and have IA import the data when scoutbook adds the data. Last time I had to enter data, IA was down for more than 3 days.

Thanks so much for the information and caring about my email address. I didn’t know how to just delete the email address so I took down the post. Thanks for your help! Donna

I’m case you want to edit a post in the future, click the pencil on the toolbar (or the ellipsis if the pencil is hidden like on my mobile devices).

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