Help New Merit Badge Counselor

I am App for Merit Badge Counselor for




Dog Care

I can’t put it in and need help for this

Narragansett Council is saying i am approve for this merit badges

Are you trying to enter MB requirement completions for scouts or something else?

Yes I’m trying to do for pets but I’m not in there for it and I tried my application in 2 months ago

Has a leader connected you to the scout(s) as a Merit Badge Counselor? That has to happen before you can mark their merit badge requirements Counselor Approved.


Are you trying to use Scoutbook or the Scouting App? The Scouting App is only for parents and Scouts, not leaders.

So, I did a quick look in Scoutbook for you under the Merit Badge Counselor list and I’m not seeing you listed within 50 miles of any of the zipcodes I see for Naragansett Council. Do you show up as a merit badge counselor under your positions at:

My Dashboard → My Account → My Positions


Let me be more clear when I go into my status and look for at my merit badge I can teach I only see two merit badges that I am in for I am not in for the other two that I put in for and my consul saying that I am approve And I can add those two

Yes I show up yes I already have it I am just having problems adding the other two that I signed up for when I turned in my paperwork and they asked saying I’m approved but nothing then it’s been over a month

OK. I’d I’m understanding correctly, you are currently showing as approved in Scoutbook for some (but not all) of the merit badges that your council thinks you are approved to counsel. Based on what you’re seeing, it looks like an issue that your council may have to address internally, or at least escalate to support via their internal channels, since Scoutbook support is no longer available to users directly.

There was a recent change to how merit badge counselors (and their badges) are added to/updated in Scoutbook. It’s described here: September 21, 2020 Scoutbook Updates - Merit Badge Counselors

Are you also a unit-level leader in a troop? If so, you should be able to go to

My Dashboard → My Units

and scroll down to the bottom where your council is listed. If your council has uploaded a MBC list at any point, it will show a date there like it does in the snapshot below

If there’s a date there, your council will have to update the badges for which you are approved. I know that some council folks have had issues with getting exact matches on names and had to fiddle with the upload/update process to get it to work. There is more information on the new process here:

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