Merit Badge Counselor not seeing anything to enter merit badges

I have a fellow Assistant Scoutmaster that is also a Merit Badge Counselor. I can invite him to be a counselor for a scout in Scoutbook. When he goes into his dashboard in Scoutbook he sees nothing. Not event the entry items for Merit Badge Counselor.

I am a Merit Badge Counselor and Assistant Scoutmaster and trying to show him how to do this so I do not have to do all the entry from a Blue Card for advancement.

Any thoughts on how to get him to see Merit Badge items or who to reach out to. Council says he setup as a Merit Badge counselor and as mentioned I can see him under the MB list and assign him to a scout.

@BrianMoss - are you talking about this menu

Yep that the screen he doesn’t have.

@BrianMoss - does he have the MBC position showing in scoutbook ? and what does he see ?

@BrianMoss - might be better if he were to join in on this thread

Screen shot he sent me doesn’t have the MBC position showing. If I look up MBC I can find him so he has it in Scoutbook. I will have him login at tonight meeting and see what I see under his account.

Only thing he sees under My Dashboard is My Account.

I will also try to get him added to this thread.

@BrianMoss - could be multiple BSA ID’s

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Can you provide his bsa member number (no names) so we can look for issues with his account.

Here is his BSA ID

@BrianMoss there are 2 users - let me take a look

Thanks for looking into this.

@BrianMoss that is fixed - they need to log out of all BSA systems and log in again

Thanks I will let him know and I will also see him tonight at our meeting.

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