Help recovering a Scout back onto the Scoutbook roster

I accidentally deleted one of my active Scouts in Scoutbook by putting an end date on his membership in Scoutbook. The Scout is still active on our roster in I tried the tips in the Help section and they did not work:

  1. Connections - the missing Scout does not appear in my connections list
  2. Transfer in Scout - I attempted to “transfer in” the Scout and got a message that the youth was already in my unit.

I am using Scoutbook through my desktop on a Windows OS and Chrome browser. I have pack admin access in Scoutbook.

This is the Scout:
(removed by Moderator)
BSA # 136601125
Pack 99

Can someone help me add him back to our Scoutbook roster? So far I have not been able to update his advancements because he is missing. Thanks.

The SUAC folks only need the BSA ID for most purposes. You can remove the name. The forums are world-readable, so the less PII provided the better. :^)

ETA: I think that the SUAC folks can force a roster sync. It usually take between a half day to a day, depending on when it gets pushed.

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@ShirleyHou I have requested a position sync. The Scout should be back on your roster within 24 hours.

When you add him back to his den in Scoutbook, we recommend that you go to the den page and use the “Reassign Scout(s)” button.


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