Help "undoing" premature advancement from Cubs into Scouts

I’m the cubmaster for a Pack here in Utah. 9 kids recently earned their Arrow of Lights and some adventure awards. The associated Troop advancement folks prematurely advanced them in Scoutbook into the Troop before our own Pack’s advancement folks could award them their AOL and adventure awards.

The Troop advancements folks do not have access to their Cub records, we (the Pack) no-longer have access to their records to make changes. Now neither the Pack nor the Troop can add awards or ranks for these kids.

How can we “undo” their advancement…OR permit the Troop advancement folks to award their AOLs and adventures in Scoutbook. We’ve tried contacting our local council…however, they were not any help.


@MichaelWilkinson When you go to my.scouting are the Scouts still on your pack roster there?

@MichaelWilkinson If you want to post the BSA member numbers for some of the Scouts, we can take a look. (No names, please.)

If the Scouts have been officially transferred from the pack to the troop (they no longer appear on your pack’s my.scouting Roster), then you will want to submit a paper unit advancement report to your council, and ask them to add the advancements for you.

BSA Unit Advancement Report

Thank you. I picked one of the kids records to try a few things on (134509200). First I went into scoutbook, I was able to see his troop record because I was connected with him.

Under his membership page, I was not able to move him from the Troop back to the Pack. However, I was able to add him to the Pack. It now shows he’s a member of both, and I can see and approve his advancement.

However, it’s showing that little yellow warning triangle indicating he’s not on the Pack roster. In MyScouting I tried to do a “Transfer In”, I could find his record, but get this error when trying to transfer him:

Transfer/Multiple transaction failed. Registration record 161353779 for memberId 134509200 not found

I’m working on diging up the other 8 member IDs. I relied on this digital technology quite a bit, so I don’t have many printed records (if any), but am still looking…

No, they are not. :frowning:

@MichaelWilkinson I think you probably should not mess with it.

That Scout was registered with the troop, now he has a pending registration with the pack. This could potentially mess things up for the Scout later on with the Scout’s Eagle paperwork.

It would be better to go through your local council and have them add the missing AOL rank and adventures. They probably need to fix this Scout’s registration, too.

Our council is in Utah, I have not been able to get any help from them. Nothing. I actually started with them and now I’m here.

I think we do want them in the Pack still, is that not correct? He’s not officially in the Troop.

I’ve got seven of the kids member IDs. Still trying to find the other two.


@MichaelWilkinson Have they turned in youth applications to register with the troop already?

I looked up the first 4 BSA member numbers, and they are registered with the troop effective sometime in April.

This is a registration issue that really needs to be fixed through your council.

No, they have not done any paperwork, none of them are in the Troop. And no idea how this happened without the Pack’s approval. Apparently it happened last year too and we had one AOL recipient that was never awarded in Scoutbook either. So, I’m trying to find that person too.

According to the Troop. The problem lies in that they can’t register for scout camp if they are not in the Troop, which they will be by the end of the month. However, the Troop can’t register them for scout camp if they are not on the Troop’s roster. So the Troop transfers them from the Pack to the Troop about a month or two before they’ve finished with the Pack so they can get their camp paperwork in on time.

I’m in-between some finger-pointing here. Council says it’s a “scoutbook” issue, and that it needs to be fixed in scoutbook, you’re telling me it’s a council issue. I’d be happy to go back to the council, but need to communicate to them why it’s their problem.


Tell your council registrar:
We need their official registration transferred back to the pack so the Scoutbook membership follows and gives the pack access to the scouts’s records. That’s the only way this will work electronically.

Alternatively, you could fill out a paper advancement report with approximate AOL dates, but if there are other awards you’re trying to enter, that could get tough.

In the future, can your council provide a path to register them or at least save spots for them for summer camp without being on the troop’s roster yet? Or can you have them cross over sooner? We usually do a February crossover to give them time with their new troop to build up to summer camp.

Thank you. That’ll help. I’ll speak to the council with that information.

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