Unable to advance youth - Membership Error

When trying to advance one of our arrow of lights we are getting some errors in both scout book and in internet advancement. no one within our pack or council has transferred this scout. Screen shots below.

[Pictures removed by Moderator for youth privacy]

Go to membership > unapprove > save > then reapprove > then go in and approve the cub stuff and mark awarded and you should be good to go

are you talking about in My Scouting? Even though he is not new?

@JeffreyKorman In Scoutbook, go to Lucas’s Membership page, and then follow Donovan’s instructions.

I did this, and can now approve and award his cub stuff in Scout Book, but the same message with the yellow Error icon is still showing in Internet Advancement.

He has an old Scoutbook membership that is not approved:
date started 2016-09-01 / date ended 2019-01-02

Try approving it, and see if that helps. You might need to temporarily end his current membership – but stay on his Membership page in Scoutbook while you approve the old one.

I just tried this, same message

first off ignore IA it is an error. I can setup a screenshare to look at it if you want

everything in scout book is working, it is just the internet advancement. if I can just ignore, then we go it?

if you use SB you never need to look at IA- other than logs - but I am screaming about that issue to DEVs


@JeffreyKorman I sent you a private message. Please click on your avatar in the upper right of the forums.

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