Help with Duplicate Scoutbook Accounts

To whom it may concern:

It appears I have two Scoutbook accounts linked to my Scouting membership. My membership ID is 14628972. The two Scoutbook IDs are 12756873 and 12750788. My Scoutbook ID ending in 873 is properly set up with my son and his pack. My Scoutbook ID ending in 788 does not have anything set up in it. I am not sure if there is something I am missing, but if there is no important information in my Scoutbook account ending in 788, please delete it. Thank you for your assistance.

Membership ID - 14628972
Scoutbook ID (keep) - 12756873
Scoutbook ID (remove) - 12750788

@AaronTrionfi that is fixed

I have one more, please.

Correct: 137322574
other one: 14611936

@JamieHaller are you sure on that? the second one is newer - in HOAC

Sorry, you are correct. I got my numbers crossed.

Same problem:
13912989 (primary - keep)
136212189 (delete, or merge with #2989)

Chris Johnson

@JamieHaller that is done

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@ChrisJohnson9 that is fixed

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