Help with Unit Payment Logs - Can we use this as our checking register?

@GaryFeutz We are still trying to wrap our heads around the cool new features of the unit payment log. So, please bear with us.

The unit paid for some uniform parts at the Scout Store. A family wrote a check for over the total to add some funds into their Scout account.

So, say they wrote a check for $110. They owed $100.
We “recorded a charge from the unit” for $100. We then recorded the $110 check to their payment log. Their account showed -$100, plus $110, balance of positive $10.

We were good so far.

Where, though, does it show that our checking account went up by $10? Nowhere other than in “Total Cash”? Should we NOT think of this as a system to have a “unit viewable checking register”? The $10 goes into our “total cash”, but not the unit payment log?

I don’t see how we would get a deposits and payments to the unit report.

I think what I am looking for is a report of total cash transactions.

Checks and cash into the unit and checks/cash out of the unit. Not counting any of the Scouts individual accounts. Those reports are pretty clear to us.

@Matt.Johnson Total Cash is the place where you see the balance increase, just as you noted.

A report could be constructed from the csv export.

Incoming Cash transactions are:

  • Payments to the Unit Payment Log (notated as payment in the csv)
  • Payments to any member’s payment log (notated as payment in the csv)

Outgoing Cash transactions are:

  • Withdrawals from member accounts (notated as debit in the csv)
  • Payments From the Unit Payment Log (noted as charge in the csv)

I’ll make another discussion entry requesting this as a report. It seems to be the “missing link” for our unit.

As a new pack treasurer, this is a very helpful in helping to organize for regular reporting. My gap in understanding they payment log references from above is how your entries are allocated to “member accounts”. To tie that thought together, we are hoping to be able to capture for reporting:

  • Dues receivable - by den, by scout, for example
  • Dues collected - can this be imported instead of keyed individually?
  • Refunds issued - have assigned a category - “Refunds issued” which seems to do the trick, is there another prescribed way to capture this outgoing transaction?

It is a bit of a different way of thinking of it, but basically each person (Cub, parent, adult) has an account. Those accounts can have money received into them via a check or cash. Money paid out of them. Money charged to them. These are more or less accounts unto themselves. The pack’s account is the same. Really, though the pack as an entity. Checks to the pack and out of the pack. You can move money from the pack to the Cub, but you need not do it in 2 transactions like I was first thinking. I was thinking if a parent wrote a check for dues, you would receive it to the pack and transfer it to the Cub. Nope. Receive it right to the Cub. That is what drove my report request.

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