Payment Log Report for Total Cash in and Total Cash out, should have same options for dates etc

Please provide a report showing the total incoming cash and total outgoing cash. For us, this would provide “check book” transparency. Yes, it can be constructed via the csv files, but that is too much for most units.

This will allow our treasurer to “balance the checkbook” without having to go to 50 different individual payment logs to see where checks / cash came in and checks / cash came out.

Incoming Cash transactions are:

  • Payments to the Unit Payment Log (notated as payment in the csv)
  • Payments to any member’s payment log (notated as payment in the csv)

Outgoing Cash transactions are:

  • Withdrawals from member accounts (notated as debit in the csv)
  • Payments From the Unit Payment Log (noted as charge in the csv)

@GaryFeutz Can this be added to the backlog? It is a great “what came into and out of the box” type of report. The rest is “inside the box”.

I will use the csv method, but only one other person from our pack would find that doable.

The only other method would be to look each Scout account.


Thoughts @GaryFeutz? It would be a great report. I think it is more of what the other user was looking for as well since the unit log only tells a very narrow picture.

@Matt.Johnson what are your thoughts on adding a simple filter to the detail report to show only external transactions?

That would be perfect. No new separate report or menu item needed. We could get fancy and add a “external transaction sum for date period chosen” as well, but just the external transactions would be a great addition.

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