How can I merge two BSA ID's?

Hello – have recently run into some issues renewing NESA membership and also transferring OA membership to my current council. Turns out, when I registered my son (now a Webelos) and myself in his Pack, a new ID was created for me.

How can I consolidate the two ID’s so I can see everything in one place (and also access/manage my son’s Cub advancement)?

Mecklenburg County Council – Charlotte NC – BSA ID# 9111952
Occoneechee Council – Wake Forest NC – BSA ID# 13964686, SB ID# 12114885

@BrianWestbrook BSA member numbers cannot be merged, they can only be managed. If you log in at my.scouting, you can use Manage Member ID to add BSA member numbers or to set one as “primary”. I have already fixed yours, so you shouldn’t need to do anything.

However, your dates of birth (DOB) are slightly off between your BSA member numbers. Please log in at my.scouting and check your DOB. If it is not correct, please contact your local council and ask them to use their Registrar Tools to correct it for you.

Thanks @JenniferOlinger! I wasn’t able to add the second ID, kept getting an error that it doesn’t match the profile. Appreciate the help!

Logging back into my.scouting (#13964686) the birthdate is correct – so not sure what’s going on there. I’ll contact the council registrar to have it fixed.

One last question – the folks at NESA told me if I renew my membership, it will ONLY show up on my previous BSA ID (#9111952) – I assume the same is true for OA membership (need to transfer that from Charlotte lodge to the lodge here) …will both of these be visible when I log into my.scouting or will I need to switch between the two ID"s somehow to see previous achievements, awards, trainings, etc.?

OA membership is a separate database (LodgeMaster), although it does cross-check your current registration based on the BSA ID listed in the LM record, so make sure the ID associated with your new registered positions/council is provided to your new lodge. Make sure your new lodge also knows you are a member of the old lodge, and they should be able to coordinate getting things “transferred” on their end.

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