2 Scouts w/ 2 accounts each: old Council & New Council

We have 2 Scouts (different familes) who have transferred in to our Troop. Each had a Membership number from our current Council. They moved out to a different Council and was provided with a membership number for that Council. When they moves back i made a note about them transferring from their Council and provided their membership ids for the outside Council.

Our Council picked up their previous membership number for when they were in our Council years ago.

I’ve contact our Council numerous times about merging their previous Council accout with our Council account so thier records will be up to date. And each time I get the response it has. I can see it has not.

Here are their previous Council membership ids and their current Council membership ids:

Scout 1:
Current Council membership id: 126062177
Current Scoutbook userid: 1473857

Previous Council membership id: 130609884
Previous Scoutbook userid: 333622

Scout 2:
Current Council membership id: 127932741
Current Scoutbook userid: 6894101

Previous Council membership id: 133184037
Previous Scoutbook userid: 1044066

You’re help is greatly appreciated.


Each Council has their own set of BSA Member IDs and these cannot be merged. If the First Name, Last Name (middle name if it existed in both records) and Date of Birth matched on both registrations, Scoutbook would have continued using the same account.

We will investigate merging the Scoutbook records.

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For adults, you can use Manage Member Id to sync things like adult training between councils. That could help parents if they had been registered and are registering again. I’m not aware of such a thing for youth members though.


I found a 3rd SB Account for Scout #1. Fortunately this one did not have any data attached to it so I deleted it. We need to wait to merge the other two SB accounts until our merge tool can merge award requirements.

Thank you for the quick replies. Does that mean both Scouts can’t be merged and I enter awards under the current accounts for both and they will be merged later? Would i have to re ask later or will it get done automatically?

Thank you, Jason


I’ll try to remember but you may have to remind me. I’m still looking at Scout #2. I have found a 3rd BSA Member ID for him.

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