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How can I un-award all Merit badges and ranks awarded between a time period

I awarded a bunch of records before I could create a PO for Purchase.
Is there anyway, I can unaward everything that was awarded within a time stamp. Print a PO and award them again

there is not an easy way to do it - you have to go one by one - individually - probably easier to just hand fill in the paper form for the items

Your best bet to identify them is to go to your troop page > troops reports > Scouts bsa recognition report. It has an option to include awarded within date range. Then, you’d have remove the awarded checkbox on each one individually and click save.

JacobFetzer, Is the Scout bsa Recognition report- something that I need to Activate,
I can only see the following options on my dashboard:
Report Builder,
Individual Record,
Roster Builder
Needs approval
Needs Purhchasing
Needs Awarding

Are you a troop admin?

Yes, I am.

Pratibha Rajamane

You should also see:

Scouts BSA Recognition Report

You might need to reset your Troop Admin role and connections. You can do this by:

  1. Go to your Troop Roster page.
  2. Click on your name.
  3. Click on your Troop Admin role.
  4. Click on Update.

This should reset your Troop Admin role. You might also need to log out / log back in again.

this is what my access to reports looks like.

@PRatibhaRajamane -ok…you are in the area but not close enough. Click on administration then pick the unit involved then go to report on that unit page.

Thanks a bunch for all your help!