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Purchase Order Issue! Please help!

I’m new to creating the purchase orders for our troop. Today I sat down to create our newest purchase order for court of honor next week and accidentally approved all merit badges and rank advancements before creating my purchase order. Is there anyway to get this information back? I did go to the reports function and create a report with all the dates but I feel like I might miss something. Please help! Trying to go to the Scout shop tomorrow and need to get done ASAP.

so you went in and marked everything AWARDED I am guessing. Is that correct? If that is the case you are going to have to go one by one to each individual thing and go in and uncheck the awarded box. After that they will appear on the Needs Purchasing Report - where you can add them to a Purchase Order and Advancement Report

Ok, will it show the date of the awarded ranks or merit badges? How will I know which ones I accidentally awarded today? We have a rather large Troop and I’m a little overwhelmed. Thank you for all your help.

The easiest way to find out what was marked awarded by mistake is to have an admin use the Export Backup function to get a csv file of Scout Advancement. One of the columns is the Awarded state and the date it was marked awarded. You can use Excel to filter the file to show just those marked awarded today. This will at least tell you which awards need to have the Awarded state removed.

Ok, I have found the export / backup tab. What’s next? The Scout advancement tab seems to only show advancements. Which is great but I need more importantly the merit badges.

Ranks, merit badges, and awards are all considered to be “advancements”, so they are all in the export csv file.

Here’s what I recommend you do:

  1. Open the Scouts Advancement file up in Excel or other spreadsheet program.
  2. Turn filtering on.
  3. Go to the “Awarded” field and select 0 and 1. This will filter out most of the individual requirements (blank fields).
  4. Go to the “Advancement Type” field and select “Merit Badge”. (You can also select “Award” or “Rank”, if you wish.)
  5. Go to the “AwardedDate” field and sort Newest to Oldest. This should show you the ones that were most recently marked as Awarded.

To double-check things, you can also sort by “LeaderApprovedDate”, “MarkedCompletedDate”, or “Date Completed”.

I would add that filtering is found in excel and other spreadsheet apps in the data menu tab. Highlight the top row then go to data then filter. It is often easier to manage if extraneous columns are removed as the scout data will also include cub data.

I have an issue where every award in the past is showing up on my PO report. My March PO report was fine, but the June report showed 493 awards. I went back a specific Scout, looked at his awards, they are marked as awarded. Not sure how to remove these awards off the PO report. I don’t want to print out 10 pages on the Advancement report when I am really only buying 23 awards.

Brynne - you can delete the PO then add only the items which need to be bought. Work from that one then close it when done then create a new one for the rest of them then just close that one.

Let me see if I understand. Do you have awards that we’re on your immediately previous purchase order, but show up again on this one? Does that previous purchase order still show up under closed purchase orders?

My March PO was fine. Somehow EVERY rank, MB, and award showed up on my June PO. When I go into a Scouts personal page to mark the item as “awarded,” it is already showing up as “awarded” (yellow check box). I don’t know how all of the items got on the PO list, so I don’t know how to make it go away.

Brynne - I think a remote session to see the issue first-hand may be helpful. If you wish to do so please email me at and we can look into it.

Did you close the March Purchase Order? Do you see it when you click on “View Closed Purchase Orders”?