Scout BSA Recognition Report showing awarded items

When I run the Scout BSA Recognition Report, it shows items that were approved within the date range and have already been awarded, regardless if the following option is checked: “Include Awarded Within Date Range”.

Example criteria:

  • Start date for approved = 4/18/2023
  • End date for approved = 10/17/2023

The report shows merit badges that were completed, approved and awarded over the Summer.

@JeffreyHoover - I am not seeing that when I run the report… perhaps some screen shots of the report and of the scout record. My report matches my needs awarding spot on.


We had our Court of Honor tonight and the recognition report also left some Scouts out of the report. Three Scouts who earned their Scout rank were not in the recognition report. Luckily I had extra rank patches to give to them.

These are the dates for the Scout Ranks for the 3 in question:


The odd thing that I just noticed about their records is that “BSA Administrator” replaced their completion date with a date after the approved date. We no longer see who marked them completed. The approval dates are still within the date range though.

I have a related issue. I have cub scout awards showing up in my scout troop IA “needs purchasing” report; example: cyberchip (grades 1-3). These scouts were awarded these items as cub scouts but their den leader must not have marked them as awarded before they crossed over into the scout troop and the “missing” award record came up with them…I have no way to mark them as “awarded” because these awards are not listed in the menu of awards in scoutbook for a troop. Any thoughts on how to get them off of my report?

@LydiaMiudo - could you look at the membership tab of each of the scout(s) associated with the award. Make sure there is not an active cub membership associated with them. perhaps some screen shots of the needs purchasing and the scout membership page.

@LydiaMiudo please do not post Scouts personal data

@LydiaMiudo those should be excluded - you might want to try in SB first

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Thanks for removing that. Can you explain what you mean by “try in SB first.” I have nothing to “try.” Can you show me what it would look like if a scout was still showing cub a scout active membership? So that I can rule that out.
Do you have suggestions as to how to fix this issue?

I checked that one scout and it is not the issue - log into and go to unit and Needs Purchasing there to see if it is a clean report - otherwise just use the first one and ignore the cub stuff

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