How can you transfer a pack adult to the troop?

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How can you transfer a pack adult to the troop? I tried using organization manager / roster but received a note that only youth transfers were allowed at this time. Council contact said I should be able to transfer these pack adults to the troop. Pack and Troop share same charter organization and troop is on my menu. I am pack chairman and a member of troop committee.

@LINDAFARRAG - new adult application

That will work for sure. You will need to talk with your COR or council to see why adult apps aren’t turned on even though you were told indicated they were.

@LINDAFARRAG - how the question was presented makes the difference. Can i transfer adults is very different from can i transfer adults electronically

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Thank you Matt. I have emailed our COR and will let you know if it is the flag. I believe you are correct because the adult application flag is set not to allow,

As an FYI, the pack adults were AOL registered leaders last year and their sons are in the troop.

I believe the system is not currently designed for you to transfer other adult leaders, regardless of how things are set up by the COR / COR Delegate.

However, they should be able to transfer themselves at my.scouting.

Yes, sorry, didn’t think about that. Just ran into it. It has to be self serve for adults.