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How Did I Become the Parent of Scouts in My Troop?

Ever since Scoutbook moved all of their Activity Logs to Internet Advancement I became the parent of 2 Scouts; I am the Scoutmaster. One is an active Scout and one is an inactive Scout.

When I look at their Scoutbook record I am listed as an Adult Leader and that’s it. When I go into Internet Advancement the active Scout shows up as my Scout.

When I downloaded the Scouting app and took a look at my Scouts it showed the above active Scout as my Scout (his parents are listed as parents as well). I also get another Scout listed as mine as well, but he is an inactive Scout, a Scout who aged out last year.

Question, how do I fix this. Again, in Scoutbook it shows me as a leader only not as a parent.

Thank you.

In Scoutbook, Go to Mu Dashboard -> My Account -> My Connections. Click on the Scout’s name. If the Parent/Guardian check box is on, turn it off then click update. If it is already off, just click update.

Let us know what you see and if this fixes the problem.

I went in and looked at both records. For both I was listed as a Merit Badge Counselor, Scoutmaster, & Adult Leader. That’s it. When I went to hit update, without touching any options since it looked correct, it wouldn’t because Merit Badge Counselor was selected. I took that off since I wasn’t the counselor for any badges they were earning.

When I did so, in the case of the active Scout, it let me, but made me just an Adult Leader and took me off as Scoutmaster.

When I tried to do the same thing with the inactive Scout, aged out last year (yes, i made him active again), it wouldn’t let me delete the Merit Badge Counselor role because it wouldn’t let me be an Adult Leader. So, I hit cancel.

I’ve noticed that if I do play with any Scout connection to take off Merit Badge Counselor it removed me Scoutmaster and turns me into an Adult Leader. I know that’s not related to my original question, just an observation I’ve noticed.

After you get the connections issue fixed, you can reset your Scoutmaster connection:

  1. Go to the Troop Roster page.
  2. Click on your name.
  3. Click on your Scoutmaster position.
  4. Click Update.

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