Adding parent as adult leader

Hello, I have a a parent in Scoutbook, ID 13349531, whom I want to add as ASM to our Troop.

She shows up as the parent of a Scout in our Troop, which is correct. But I can’t find her by name (first, last, or both, either uncapitalized or not), nor by email, when I go through “Add New Leader” in Scoutbook at Scoutbook . I do see her at Internet Advancement

How can I add her as an adult leader in Scoutbook?

You cannot just ADD a Leader @SatyajitPhanse - they need to fill out an Adult Application and have a Criminal Background Check - once that is done they will automatically appear in Scoutbook for you


@SatyajitPhanse - from the change log:

Adult Leader Positions
Adults can only be listed as leaders in Scoutbook if the BSA Member ID attached to the Scoutbook account is registered with the BSA. An issue that allowed some unregistered adults to be listed as leaders in Scoutbook has been fixed. Any adult that has an unregistered BSA Member ID attached to their Scoutbook account has had any leadership positions in Scoutbook ended.

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Sometimes this can be done through the online registration system. The chartered organization representative needs to approve the volunteer.

Check your council website or contact your council service center for how to register adult volunteers.

At least two states have government rules, registering and training requirements in addition to BSAA® requirements.


Alright, thanks. She’s just trying to find merit badge counselors for the Scout. The page where she would do that says that the page is only viewable by unit leaders. Parents, Scouts and other users do not have access to that page. Without being a unit leader (which I read as “ASM”) how would parents find MBCs outside the Troop? Do they have to go through the Scoutmasters every time?

@SatyajitPhanse - according to the Guide to Advancement it is a process done by the scout in conversation with the unit leader. The unit leader provides a list of MBC.

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A Parent should not be finding a Merit Badge Counselor for a Scout. Per the Guide to Advancement, the Scoutmaster is supposed to have a discussion with the Scout, sign the Blue Card and provide the name and contact information for one or more Merit Badge Counselors.


Well, alright, I can do that. But when I try to connect a MBC with a Scout I have this message: “loading eligible scout list… this may take several minutes depending on the number of Scouts in the unit” and it does indeed take literally several minutes. That’s unsustainable across the ~50+ Scouts we have.

@SatyajitPhanse - could you outline the steps you are taking to assign the MBC ?

There is currently an issue with searching for an adult to connect to a Scout. The developers are working on a fix but we do not yet have a timeline for release.

The only workaround for an MBC that is not already connected to a Scout in Scoutbook is for the MBC to connect to the Scout with the Scout’s BSA Member ID and last name.

I went to the “MB Counselor List” from the Troop page in SB, then selected a MB, then searched and selected a counselor. When I press the Invite button on a counselor, that message I previously posted comes up and then it’s several minutes for whatever to happen.

That Invite button is from the Feature Assistant Extension. Because the connection search is broken, that feature, which relies on the connection search, will also fail.

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