How do I add camping credit to one scout who went camping outside the troop?


I have a scout who went camping at a Scouts outing outside of our troop. How do I credit this camping trip to this one scout, when no one else in our troop went?

Do I create a new activity, and just list the one scout?

Or is there a way to add camping nights to one scout another way, without creating an entire “activity” in Internet Advancement?


You just make a new activity for the one - just like if the scout went to a jamboree

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The logs in IA2 rely on the “event” structure to supply the information used to create the various counts (e.g. nights & days camped, miles hiked, hours of service), so there isn’t anywhere to store that information outside of the “event” object. Although I haven’t seen the code, I expect that this is because the “information” is a property of the “event”, and each event is queried for the information that is then summarized for the “bottom line” numbers that are displayed. Similarly, generating the report likely queries the events so that it can lists all of the information by event, then a bottom line summary of the “key” parameters. That’s been pretty standard for object-oriented programming since I took my first OOP course many decades ago. :^)

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This is everything!! Thank you so much! You’re wonderful

Awesome! That makes sense

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