Does the new calendar automatically add new scouts to events?

I was told that it was going to. I have waited till we have had new scouts added and it seems that the scouts have been added to troop events, but not to patrol events. Is this what is currently expected?

Actually scratch that, it does not appear that they are automatically added at either the troop or the patrol level. Do we know when we can expect this functionality?

That is in the backlog @EmilyRepperger - the Extension has a feature for it in IA

is there an extension for IA? if yes, can I get a link to it. I am not able to find it.

@TammieZemler It is the same extension as for scoutbook. The calendar features of the extension now appear on the Scoutbook dashboard.


you mean the scoutbook ext now appear in SBIA? if yes how do we add new scouts to events without going to each event?

The scoutbook feature assistant extension is still in scoutbook, but it edits the Scoutbook plus Internet Advancement calendar.


ok but there was a feature before where we could update new scouts adding them to the calendar. How do we do this now.

It is on the scoutbook dasboard

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