Add new Scout to Invitees for calendar items

We have some new Scouts that have joined. Is there an easier way to add them as invitees to our calendar events or do we have to go to every event and update?

If you use the Feature Assistant Extension (Feature Assistant - What is it?), you can semi-automate the process. There are instructions on how to do so in the documentation linked from the article above.

Thanks, Unfortunately this does not work for a linked Troop.

Are you referring to events that have more than one unit included?

Yes. It’s a B&G unit. So when we put up the events on both calendars it will not update a shared calendar.

The person doing the updating would need to be a unit admin in both units at a minimum. Is that the case?

It’s possible it doesn’t work in your scenario, but that’s the obvious criteria.

I believe the extension had a bug when events were on more than one unit calendar. Now those are excluded.

@MarcMcGrain - what kind of shared calendar

I’m hearing that it doesn’t work to update events on more than one calendar. Sounds like working as designed rather than a bug.

My point is there was a bug with that one point. It may exclude those more explicitly.

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