How do I find out that an Eagle Application was approved at National?

I have a scout that did his Eagle Board on his 18th Birthday… which was 2 weeks prior to the Recharter ending date. Since the Re-Charter software didn’t let us keep him on the books while National was reviewing his Eagle Application, he no longer shows up on my Roster for me to see if the Application was approved or not. How do I get that info now?

If you have his BSA Member ID, you can go to Reports from your My Dashboard page then click on Scouts BSA History Report. If his Eagle has been approved, it should appear in the report.

Alternately, you can call your Council registrar and ask.

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This assumes the registrar is available. Currently my council’s service centers are closed per government COVID-19 regulation.

Each council still maintains some sort of staff in the office, skeleton crew if you will. Start with your District Exec and have them track down for you.


Please do not assume what may be happening in your community is also happening elsewhere. Due to a COVID-19 shelter in place order all non-essential service businesses and offices in my community are currently closed.

Many councils have staff working from home. I doubt there are many councils that shut down completely.

The bottom line is this is an issue that only the Council can determine if the Eagle Application was submitted for approval if the final Eagle rank is not showing Approved in Scoutbook.

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Most of them are available by email.

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