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How do I find someone's Forum username?

I’m trying to @tag someone in a forum post. They’re connected in Scoutbook, but they don’t come up when I start typing their name. How do I find out what their forum username is?

I think that in Discourse (in general) you can try typing @ and then the person’s real name and it should come up. I tried it with my wife (who I know has never logged in to Discourse) and it worked.

@Charley Hamilton” will trigger my handle to auto-insert (unless I force the space back in).

I would add that I used the magnifying glass at t he top and started typing a person’s name and they indeed were listed.

That was pretty cool, @Stephen_Hornak! I hadn’t even thought of that.

Thanks; I didn’t know you could search for people using the forum Search function. Now I can confirm that this person isn’t listed in the forum software, even though they’re fully connected in Scoutbook.

Has the person tried logging-in and been unable to do so? I’ve had some success with simply emailing a link to the forum conversation to get people to join in.

@JSyler - that person is showing as having connected in scoutbook and lave logged in recently ?


Here is more text to make it 20 characters.

@JSyler - I do find the 20 character stretch to be entertaining. At any rate, it may call for a side by side with that person, get them on to scoutbook, then launch the forum and then see what the account says at the top of the forum page.

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Hm. For a minute I thought that perhaps she, like I, had customized her username…but if I type in my own full name after the @, I come up just fine.

Edit: But not if I change my full name. That’s most likely what happened. That’s…a bit frustrating.

I’ll have to try your suggestion at the next Troop meeting. Or just email her.

Has she ever been in the forums previously? Are you trying to tag her in a unit forum or a national forum?

Unlikely, but neither has anyone else I’ve tagged.

Unit. I wish there was a way to show only unit members.

Try this. Go to Internet Advancement (from the SB home page) > (hamburger) > settings > settings. Under unit settings, click the ^ by go to private unit forum > sync unit members.

I am the member that JSyler cannot find. Hope this post helps!

Lol did I link this post instead of the one to the Troop forum? Oops.

Well, @MonicaJimenez-Wessel, it works now. I have no idea why it didn’t before.

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