Scout account not found when using Forgot Username

Hi there,
When I tried to recover a scout’s ScoutBook account using “Forgot Username/Password”, it says no record found. The scout is an active scout and shows up in our roster in ScoutBook. Should the parent click on Create New Account and create an account for her scout or will that create a duplicate account? Also, how does the parent get her scout connected to her as we’ve heard the Edit Extended Info button is broken?
The scout name is (name removed by Moderator for privacy) and BSA ID is 134146594.

@TanyaSteinhofer This Scout does not appear to have a my.scouting user name, so it should be OK for the parent to help the Scout create an account at my.scouting.

They should try to connect to the already existing BSA member number 134146594.

Ok. We’ve been warned against creating multiple accounts so are very cautious about using Create New Account. Once the parent helps the scout create a new account, how does she get him to connect to her? Thanks, Tanya

@TanyaSteinhofer what are you trying to achieve? Does the Scout need to log into Scoutbook? Some other system? Do you not see the Scout in your Unit?

@TanyaSteinhofer As long as the name and date of birth both match (do not use nicknames when creating an account at my.scouting) then the automated process should find the already existing BSA member number. If it does not find it, then I would stop and do not create the account – ask for assistance, instead.

We’re trying to get all scouts in our troop onto ScoutBook, but keep running into a variety of issues. We thought we had to connect the scouts to their parent, but if this is no longer the case, that would be good to know. At one point we were told to use Edit Extended Info, but then told that link was broken. We want the parents to be able to view their scout’s advancement, rsvp for them, etc.

Ok. I’ll let the parent know to only use the name as we have it in the roster. This child does go by several names so that might be part of the problem.

Be careful when you look at the scoutbook roster as it displays the nickname field.

Yes, you do still have to establish connections between the parent and scout account, but it should be rare that they aren’t already connected when they join a troop.

Now I am confused. If you want parents to be able to view their Scout’s advancement, RSVP for their Scouts, etc., then the parents should create accounts for themselves at my.scouting using parent’s names and parent’s date of birth.

The parent, HS, is already connected to that individual. She should be able to do all that you need. She logged in yesterday.

Great! Thanks.


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