2nd account and problem with forum login

I have some kind of phantom account. I show up twice as a connection to my child and Scoutbook says my email is already in use. My BSA ID: 13913444. I used to have a different BSA ID with a different council. Not sure if that is the cause of the problem, but pretty sure we went through the transfer process. That BSA ID was 13776373

Even stranger, I came here to the forums via Scoutbook to post about it and I show up as my kid. I’ve tried logging out and back in again, same u/p I use for Scoutbook and I still show up as my kid in the forums. My kid has their own SB login, I am not using that. The login circle in the upper right has their initial. The username displayed on the post is theirs and not mine.


I have merged your Scoutbook accounts and fixed your Discourse (forum) account to show the proper name. I have no idea why it showed your daughter’s name as it is linked to your my.scouting.org ID.

Thanks! Everything looks fixed now.

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