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How do I print the "Needs Awarding" report?

Is there a proper way to print the “Needs Awarding Report”? When I try to print this displayed report by using the Windows 10 right-click menu, print option, the report is not formatted properly. Specifically, the next item following the last item printed on any page is missing. For example, a scout has First Aid, Indian Lore and Kayaking to be awarded. The last item printed for this scout at the bottom of the page is the First Aid merit badge. The first item on the next printed page is the Kayaking merit badge. What happened to the Indian Lore merit badge? Same issue occurs on every one of the six pages in the report for next week’s COH, i.e., five merit badge entries were skipped. Is there a different way to generate this report so that it does not skip an entry at the end of every page? I looked into using the printed purchase order where the report can be organized by scout but since I have more than one P.O. issued for this COH, there is no way to merge the separate PO printouts.

The Needs Awarding Report was not really designed for printing. If you want to print a report out, I would recommend the Scouts BSA Recognition Report, which is available on the main troop page.

Another option is to Export / Backup the Scout Advancement file, and sort / filter based with the Approved field = 1.

Thanks for the suggestion. I was not aware that the Recognition report had been added. You did forget to mention one needed option, checking the “Include Non-Awarded Regardless of Date Range” checkbox when attempting to duplicate the Needs Awarding report. Also need to check the Sort By Name button.

Some units like to sort the Recognition Report by award type, others like to sort by Scout name, or by patrol.

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