Needs awarding report - new feature request

Please make the ‘needs awarding’ report printable. This would allow us to sort the awards by scout without having to look up the image of the award.

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Needs Awarding was never intended for anything other than marking awards as awarded. Use the Recognition Report if you need to sort and print.

I understand the intention.

I am just providing the user feedback that it would be super helpful to use this way. Or to add the award image to the Recognition Report.

As it is today, it is frustrating to a user to print something and figure out that a ‘report’ can’t be printed. (This is only figured out after a lot of frustration sorting awards. It doesn’t occur to users to check print ability.)


I use the PO sorted by scout name to list all my awards by scout. Very Easy and simple.

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Thank you, @JamesOdom Most helpful.

@JenniferSherman - I use the cub scout recognition report for our pack.

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