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How do we get rid of scouts and their parents out of our Troop in Scout Book?

Scout Book keeps taking away features that used to be in Scout Book. Why?

I cannot add parents anymore to their scouts. I cannot get rid of scouts that are no longer registered in scouting out of our troop.

@RexMoore -what specific features have been removed? Everything looks normal for me. What is your position and/or role in the unit ? For the scouts who are no longer around I remove any connections the parents may have to other scouts, then remove leaders connected to the scout and finally end their membership.

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@RexMoore Scoutbook is working normally for me. Are you a Troop Admin?

You should be able to go to each Scout’s Leadership page, and put a Date Ended on any current leadership positions that they might have.

Then go to each Scout’s Membership page, click on their current membership with your troop, and add a Date Ended.

Committee chair, Admin. I cannot remove the scoutmaster or charter rep. In connections.

@RexMoore - I would try disapproval of membership (uncheck the box) and update. That has allowed me to remove the other key3 connections.

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You can’t remove other Admins from connections. After you end the Scout’s membership in the unit, you can then remove them by going to the Scout’s Connections page.

Is the issue that your SM and CC are changing, and you’re trying to make that change in Scoutbook ahead of the council registrar getting the charter updated?

Nevermind. Read the question too quickly. I haven’t tried @Stephen_Hornak’s method, but I know @JenniferOlinger’s method is what I use. The BSA mandated irrevocable Full Control permission for the Key 3 back around the end of 2018/start of 2019, IIRC.

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To be totally honest I may be mistaken in thinking that just disapproval allowed me to remove the key3. I will actually need to nite my process but certainly whatever works best is the one to run with.

The BSA did not mandate full control connections to the Key 3. When Member Update adds a new Key 3 member to Scoutbook, that individual is automatically made a Unit Admin. Another Unit Admin can end the role if the unit does not want all Key 3 to be Unit Admins. This may be desired if the person is not comfortable as an admin and requests the role to be ended so as not to cause issues.

Once the admin role is ended, the connections can be broken.

Key 3 should only have their admin role under extenuating circumstances.

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I stand corrected. I thought that the Full Control was irrevocable as long as the Key 3 position was assigned.

It was the parent connection that gained the irrevocable full control.

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