Unable to remove old leaders/parents on roster

I’ve been struggling to find a way to remove old leaders and parents from the ‘pack roster’ front page. When I look at the actual roster report, the old ones are not on there, but still appear on the roster contacts when I send messages, etc. Is there a way to clean up old contacts? I tried using the ‘clean old connections’ button at the bottom with no luck. I’ve reached out to support as well with no luck. Any suggestions? p.s. Our recharter was rocky as well, we had someone fall off our roster who had registered and paid on time.

Post the BSA Member ID or Scoutbook ID (let us know which one) of some you are having trouble with and we will investigate. Do not post any names.

From the pack roster page click their name, click their current position, add and end date, and click update. Repeat for each current position they have in your unit.

I’m not sure how long the turnaround time for that action to update, but I did that with no success. I only did it with one of the persons, but I will try again. Thank you for the answer though!

It is immediate. I’ve never heard of that not working. Exactly where are you trying to remove them from?

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@ChristopherMcclellan I sent you a private message.

1 SB# 340839 BSA# 129666979 -This person is a parent/leader who is done with scouting
2 SB#2721266 BSA# 12985576 -This person moved packs
3 SB# 1169851 BSA# 133448001 -This person moved packs
4 SB# 11580501 BSA# 13673116 -This person was moved to committee chair position, but is still listed as pending. It has been months

Please let me know if you have any trouble finding these people. Thanks again!

So are you seeing them in calendar events?

Yes, and it gives me an option to still send them messages via SB.

I think they are all style members in Scoutbook, you need to put an end date - have you done that? pretty sure you have not cause I see open memberships.

I fixed it. I had to put an end date to all positions they are listed as, not just one. Once I put an end date to their positions, they disappeared off the roster. Thank you everyone for your help.

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