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How remove parents from "My Leaders" page in app?

I’m in the app, looking at the “My Leaders” page under Dashboard > Unit Leaders, and I see adults who are not current leaders. I have disapproved all of their positions. Some are no longer with the unit, some were simply Lion parents, and one is a former foster parent who should not under any circumstances be contacted by anyone in the unit. Her info should’t be visible to ANYONE besides unit admins.

If they show in App they are leaders in and AKELA (the membership Database) - often units only clean up the AKELA data once a year at Recharter. You (or one of your K3) can log into and clean up what is needed.

I’m a K3 and I did already disapprove & remove them as much as I could figure out to do. They are still tied to (disapproved) Scouts on our roster; are you saying I have to leave their contact info for everyone in the entire unit to see for another six months? That seems inappropriate, to be sharing parent contact info with people they do not wish to be associated with.

Scoutbook is our roster manager, so I do not want to delete them entirely, or remove their contact information from their profiles. I expected them to be fully hidden from everyone everywhere after they were disapproved.

I’ve noticed that, as long as a leader is on our official roster at my.scouting, they have a tendency to reappear in our roster. I periodically have to clear them out.

How are those former adult leaders connected to current Scouts in your unit?

Not sure if you’re asking me or @Carolyn_S, @JenniferOlinger. In my case, I have been ending all connections (none of them were parents of active scouts). They were previously both ASMs and MBCs, although typically only connected to the scouts as ASMs in Scoutbook.

Sorry, I was asking Carolyn.

That’s a bug then, right?

I don’t disagree that it’s a problem. It seems like it’s a design flaw, from my perspective. I think it’s behaving, in my case anyway, as designed. These adults still appear on the roster at my.scouting, and therefore reappear on the roster through whatever automated (or semi-automated) process the BSA uses to verify that they have updated Scoutbook to reflect our official roster. Getting the adults off of the official roster can be something of a trial, depending on your council’s handling of the requests.

If the adults in your case are not on the official roster, then that seems like a different issue.

Families who quit Scouting, for the most part. In the case of the foster parent, the kids returned to their natural parent and we may not contact any of them any more, for privacy reasons. Either way, BSA has them on our roster and I want to know how to hide them.

I don’t understand why Lion adult partners have their contact info publicized to the entire pack as though they are leaders, either. I would be upset if it was my info being shared.

I have reported this to the developers. Adult Partners are not supposed to be listed here.

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Ugh, working as designed is my least favorite response to receive! Though I dole it out all the time at work. :wink:

Yes, these are all officially on our roster. So I need to submit this as a feature request?

Does anyone know why all the Lion and Tiger parents are displayed on this leader page? That strikes me as poor design, too.

Hey, I’m just a user, although I occasionally feel like a three-handed economist when talking about Scoutbook. “On the one hand, I wish I had access to the code so I could see what it’s actually doing and make intelligent suggestions for improvements. On the other hand, I feel like having access would make it my problem to fix. and I’m hardly a skilled programmer, at least in any language commonly used today. On the other other hand…” (I was thinking of inserting a Niven & Pournelle reference here, but wasn’t sure how universal it might be.)

The only way I know of to break a “parent” connection (e.g. the former foster parent who is no longer associated) is to contact and explain the issue. Unit admins aren’t able to break a parent connection, even an erroneous one.

If the scouts are still on your official roster (e.g. families that left scouting during the program year), the only way I know of to resolve the situation is to have the registrar remove them from your official unit roster, then you remove them from the roster in Scoutbook.

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I agree that they should not display. I’ll be contacting the development team.

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It is probably a function of the the way BSA links roster records to ScoutBook ( and the new advancement package)

  1. If a adult or youth has paid a membership fee to BSA they are BSA members until that membership see runs out and they will show up on the internet advancement roster. The only way to remove someone is at the council level and request a removal. Then wait over night to see if the sync has works. - I know this because we have kids who sign up to do a day camp - paid the BSA fee and they need to be assigned a pack - since the camp hosted by our charter org, they added them to our pack - even though they have never shown up at a pack meeting they are classed as being part of our pack and the council registrar will not remove them as she has no where else to put them, same applies to none attending members - our pack can show an extra 20 or more kids who are on the books but stopped attending meetings - membership fee is still in place and they will only be removed at recharter time.

  2. You can, I think, remove kids in ScoutBook, however they will still appear on the internet advancement roster until the membership fee runs out. ScoutBook could do with a ‘inactive’ button and a way to sort the roster with active only scouts and all scouts Active andninactive. You know ScoutTrack style.

  3. In ScoutBook you may be able to remove adults but the BSA syncing may add them back - see Item 1.

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After discussing with the development team, I believe there are two reasons for what you are seeing:

  1. The Scouting app pulls adult leaders from the official roster, not from Scoutbook.

  2. The Scouting app includes Lion and Tiger adult partners.

There are ongoing discussions regarding what to do with #1. #2 has been added to the backlog.

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Thank you. I am glad Tiger/Lion partners are going to eventually be removed from “leader” listings in the app.

Thank you also for addressing removal of the leaders from the app automatically going forward. My particular case is for an adult appearing as a current leader for an age group that still has active Scouts. He doesn’t need to have people contacting him thinking he’s still the main leader. I think removing from our roster is an extraordinary measure - and an inadequate band-aid considering that there’s no reason for a unit admin to know they need to do that, after disapproving the leader’s positions within Scoutbook. I’m very surprised the app called “Scoutbook” isn’t pulling from Scoutbook’s database.

@Carolyn_S - just a minor correction. The app is called scouting the full web based unit tool is

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